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Product Details

Nurse Call System

The Norris NSD 1000/2000 series Nurse Call System is a very simple user friendly system for both staff and patients. It can be easily installed to existing wiring. Its simplicity is achieved by the simple room identification & symbolic representation of the call with illuminated graphics. In-built buzzer gives an audible ident fication for each call. Silence button is provided for controlling the buzzer functions. Advanced microcontroller based technology with specially designed power supply provides a 24 X 7 fail proof operation.

Nurse Station Display Unit

The Display units give a clear indication of the call. location and the identity of the caller, together with audible indication of the call. giving the staff manager total control over every nursing situations that arises within the hospital.


A Blue Code switch is necessary for all the rooms. It will assist the patient’s bystanders by with simple press operations. While pressing, it goes to breathing / blinking mode as per the client’s requirement.


A Push Switch control unit is needed for every individual call locations on the system. Every unit features, multi-coloured graphical representation showing the status of the call with two bed side cords in a single unit thus achieving the cost reduction instead of installing two separate call stations. A call can be made & canceled through the illuminated membrane tactile switch/Bed side controller switch (Bed Cord Switch). Multi colour illumination gives the visual status of the switch in every press with a soft tactile feeling on the finger.


The patient can easily operate the switch by simply pressing the button to call the nurse in case of emergency. While pressing the switch, it shows an alert in the Nurse Station Display Unit.


A Pull Code Switch is used in every toilets / bathrooms. This switch has a pull cord with a “PULL FOR HELP’ indication tag. Its operation is very simple by pulling the tag which is long enough to access from floor level by a fallen patient. It has an illuminated symbolic representation showing the status.


This unit installed in the ward nurse room shows the pending calls in the Nurse Station in a graphical representation with change in colour. It will create a buzz sound for every calls from the patient’s room. Silence button helps the staff to silence the sound. A mute key is also provided to mute the buzzing sound permanently. Both the switches are multi coloured and show the status by changing the colour with every press.


A staff can cancel the call by pressing the cancel switch which is normally provide in tee common areas /wards. Multi-colour Illuminated membrane switch performs its operations by changing the colour during every status change with tactile feel in every press.


Advanced LED array technology with 3 separate colour indication for different state of operations from the patients room. This unit is installed over the door and giving the indications representing the status of the call.